FIDIC Climate Change Charter

FIDIC has been motivated to outline its leadership response on the behalf of the consulting engineering community because of the urgency of the climate crisis and the scale of the changes required. This FIDIC charter sets out in basic, initial terms, how we address climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience of the built environment in the years and decades to come.

Actions for Member Associations

FIDIC’s member associations are encouraged to commit to a similar or enhanced regime of climate action as set out in the charter.

Actions for Companies

Engineering and consulting companies are encouraged and invited to consider making the following commitments across their business, taking into consideration their capacity, scale and resources and local business environment

Actions for Project Teams and Schemes

Project teams are encouraged to collaborate to develop their commitment to climate action as suggested by FIDIC, taking into consideration the geographic location and business environment, scale and available resources.

Actions for Individual Professional Engineers

The individual professional engineer is invited to consider making the following commitments, objectives and goals outline in the charter.

Actions for FIDIC

As the global federation of consulting engineers, FIDIC sees it as important to take a leadership position on climate action and carbon emission reduction. There are three primary
elements of the challenge which FIDIC will seek to address:

  • Influence and advocacy
  • Building, infrastructure and industrial facilities delivery
  • FIDIC’s operations
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