Below are links to various documents, guidance and tools which can be accessed by anyone interested in the Climate Change Charter and signing up to its commitments to meet the climate challenge. 

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FIDIC’s Climate Charter represents a significant new call to action by FIDIC, the global consulting engineering
industry body which represents over 40,000 companies and more than one million professional engineers
around the world.

“A vibrant and sustainable future is not an impossible dream. The choices we make today, have the power to change our tomorrow.  We see sustainability and responding to the climate change challenge as an opportunity for innovation. Through discovery, evolving expertise and transparency, we can strive to imagine what a better future looks like.”



Tracey Ryan

Managing Director – New Zealand, Aurecon

“A better future is a world that works for all of humanity and the planet. As engineers, designers and advisors, we play a vital role in helping the communities and economies in which we operate transition to a more sustainable, liveable future. We believe the work we do with our clients to protect and enhance their performance by responding to the risks and opportunities presented by sustainability and climate change will be Aurecon’s biggest contribution to society.”

William Cox

Chief Executive Officer, Aurecon

“The infrastructure sector will play a critical role in tackling the climate and biodiversity emergencies. Our work has the ability to leave long-lasting, positive impacts on the planet. We must not miss this opportunity to use our collective skills and expertise to help our clients and communities rapidly meet the Global Goals and deliver sustainable legacies for a better world.”



Colin Wood

Chief Executive – Europe, AECOM

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