Adriana Spassova

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FIDIC Accredited Trainer and Adjudicator
Civil Engineer, MSc in Construction Law & Dispute Resolution KCL, Dr. in Construction Management, FIDIC Contracts Committee member
ESCl President
Author of Chapter 14. Construction industry and sustainability, Interdisciplinary approaches to climate change for a sustainable growth, to be published by Springer

Consultants are leading the construction industry towards sustainability for more than 100 years. Now we have to be more active and inventive, since time is pressing!
Previously I was proud to be involved in the biggest projects, TPPs, skyscrapers... Now I see that it is much more important to interfere less in the natural habitats and focus our efforts to find sustainable solutions for the design and construction. We have to teach our clients that it is essential not to think only about profit, but to make smart sustainable choices and consider what we leave to the future generations!