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The TITAN-2 construction holding is one of the largest and fast-growing companies in Russia. The holding includes five main companies building nuclear, thermal power, oil and gas and chemical facilities, airfields, jetties, residential properties, roads and much more.
JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 are responsible for site preparation, for construction and installation works, for development of design & supply of all required materials and equipment (excluding Long-Lead Items equipment) for all facilities of the nuclear island, power generation & capacity delivery complex and all auxiliary facilities’ installation works, for construction of buildings and roads, for installation of utility & engineering networks, for development of the design and supply of I&C equipment, and for site landscape improvement.

The Company provides design, equipment supply and technical supervision services and performs follow-up repair, servicing and maintenance of industrial and civil facilities.

The high competitiveness of JSC CONCERN TITAN-2 in the engineering services market is due to the use of effective forms of project management and advanced technologies that meet high construction standards.