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Consulting services for Engineering, Advisory and Project Management

Constromart is a leading multidisciplinary Engineering, Advisory, and Project Management Consulting firm that operates in Africa. Our exceptional service excellence enables us to provide incredible services by supporting key infrastructure projects across the continent. Since 2020, we have been recognized as the first Africa-based consulting firm involved in the implementation of an Output Performance-based Road Contract (OPRC) in Ghana. Additionally, we contribute significantly to various Urban Resilience projects, including integrated Communities Infrastructure Upgrading projects, Urban Flood resilience projects, Environmental, and Social Governance Technical Assistance projects.

Our firm comprises five practice groups, including Transportation Planning and Engineering, Water and Environmental Engineering, Environmental and Social Sustainability, Planning and Geospatial, and Buildings and Infrastructure Design practice. Our practice groups provide institutional development, capacity improvement, and research, meaning we can leverage our expertise in the areas of our practice.

At Constromart, our mission is to provide cutting-edge Engineering, Advisory, and Project Management (EAPM) services in Ghana and Africa.

Additionally, our vision is to become a leading Professional Services provider of EAPM in Ghana and Africa.

We value Quality and Innovation in service delivery, and as a result, we are known to be Reliable.

Follow us on our social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter at @ConstromartGH for up-to-date information on our services and projects.