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MEP CONSULTING ENGINEERS – Thinking Beyond Construction 1061 Mt Pleasant Heights, Bannockburn, P O Box HR 332, Harare, Zimbabwe Tel: + 263-4-2001899/ 2002052 Mobile: + 263 775 464 246; +263 716 794 279; +263 739 367 520

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MEP Consulting Engineers is a Building Services (Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health) Consulting Engineering firm. The MEP brand is synonymous with the successful delivery, quality and reliability of building services engineering design, specification, construction, contract administration and project management. Underpinning our Business Strategy is the drive to offer Sustainable Low Energy building services with a view to playing our part towards global moves to curb the production of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide largely responsible for the adverse effects of climate change.

MEP leads the way in energy strategy work. We follow a three-stage approach to reducing the building’s carbon emissions in line with Best Practice:
1. Reduce Demand - Reducing the building’s energy requirements by incorporating passive design measures.
2. Using Energy Efficiently - Reducing the building’s energy consumption through the use of energy efficient mechanical and electrical engineering systems.
3. Renewables and LZC - Reducing the building’s carbon dioxide emissions through the use of low and zero carbon (LZC) energy systems.